• AccessOne


    Business  We understand that as a busy merchant you value the convenience of accessing and managing all processing data through a consolidated, user-friendly web portal. Business Track provides key information on all of your payment streams, including credit, debit, prepaid/giftcard […]

  • Merchant Cash Advance

    Merchant Cash Advance

    It’s easier than ever to get the cash you need to build your business. The First Data Merchant Cash Advance program helps you by turning your future credit card sales into working capital. Imagine what that could mean for your […]

  • “Tap and Pay” Contactless Payment Solutions

    “Tap and Pay” Contactless Payment Solutions

    Accept Google Wallet® “Tap and Pay” payments With “Tap and Pay” or contactless payments, customers wave their card or mobile phone over a PIN pad or Contactless Reader rather than swipe a card. The newly launched Google Wallet utilizes this […]