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EMV® Enablement

EMV® Security

Most payment industry experts agree a chip-based standard like EMV®

is coming to the United States. First Data delivers the resources and education to prepare your business with EMV® Enablement solutions.

Benefits for Business

Smart card adoption in the U.S., which is necessary for the implementation of a standard like EMV®, requires a thorough understanding of chip-based payment enablement. Merchants should start considering how EMV® technology implementation would affect their businesses, and look into options for accepting chip-based credit and

  • Use a single EMV®-enabled  for all transactions
  • Accept contactless and  using EMV® technology
  • Mitigate fraud risks through EMV® conversion

Key Components

  • Tools to assess what a smart card payment enablement plan would look like for upgrading all consumer-facing POS devices
  • Comprehensive payments security plan to identify ways you can reduce fraud and data theft risks
  • Cards with embedded computer chips that interact with an EMV® enabled point-of-sale terminal to validate the card