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Marketing Solutions

We offer the kind of high-tech, innovative solutions that help you gain valuable customer insights, break through the clutter, and build loyalty with today’s consumers. Easily.

 Marketing Solutions:

Gyft® is a branded, mobile gift card service that simplifies the giving and receiving of your products and services. Perka® allows you to send special offers directly to your customers’ mobile phones. And Insightics® helps you gain powerful intelligence about your customers, your sales, and similar businesses.

  • Engage today’s consumers through innovative mobile loyalty solutions.
  • Allow customers to buy, send, receive, redeem and reload gift cards by mobile device.
  • Attract new customers, build brand awareness and generate more foot traffic.
  • Offer targeted perks and promotions that meet your goals and your customers’ tastes.
  • Send special offers and communications directly to mobile phones.
  • Find trends in customers’ spending patterns so you can connect with them more effectively and attract new customers with similar traits.
  • Understand the impact of your marketing efforts and predict future performance.

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