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Nail Pro Sytem

Swipe Technologies Merchant Services is one of the top Merchant Services for Vietnamese community in the United of America. We are proud of providing the merchant services for nails salon, car repair, clinics, furniture stores in 50 states. The estimated annual card processing volume is 300 million USD.

Thanks to the rapid growth of science and technologies, card processing services have become more and more popular. As a result, the demand of customers has changed. Not only do customers would like to do transactions quickly to cut the long waiting check-out line, but also customers seek for safe and secure data.

Understanding the need of customers, Nail Pro system was developed and designed by Swipe Technologies. Moreover, in order to serve our customers the best, we cooperate with Clover, one of the best card processing devices in the world. With the commitment to our mission, we would like you bring you the best devices and services to push your business to great!

Nail Pro system and Clover devices are able to connect with each other to make your daily tasks fulfill professionally and effectively.

There are three main functions of Nail Pro System: Management, Payment, and Storage.

Management – All business management tasks are automatic!

Reports: daily reports, monthly reports, detail reports, and total reports.

Tickets: edit, add, delete, void tickets.

Employees: turn, tips, and salary.

Services: design your menu

Gift card: sell and manage gift card, especially, NO processing fee!

Payment – Three seconds per transaction!

Connect with all kinds of Clover devices such as Clover Mini, Clover Flex, Clover Go.

Storage – Big data!

Unlimited data inputs

All data are stored in Nail Pro system confidentially and safely. Customers are able to search for sale data at any period of time.

Advance technology

We are the first company in the market that able to integrate Clover system to our Nail Pro System.


Small In Stature Only

The Clover Mini is as powerful as it is sleek—and the lightweight footprint won’t hog your counter space, or any workspace for that matter.


Hardware That Scales

Want a basic terminal? Maybe something that gives you more options? The Mini can do both. Just add more POS components and capabilities as needed.


Software That Multitasks

Customize your Clover Mini with do-it-all apps for accounting, inventory, marketing, gift cards and whatever else your business needs.


Why we choose Clover devices?

The best thing about Clover system is the security. Clover devices protect your business and customer data with end-to-end encryption where only users can access. Therefore, clients will never have to worry about the information leaking.

Nail Pro System

Easy to use – Big display. Huge advantage. For only one purpose Nails POS

Save money – Clients do not have to pay any extra fees

Manage employee working turn – we integrate this function directly to our POS that make our product better than competitors

Reporting – Clients can see all type of report directly from the Nail Pro System

And there are still many functions in Nail Pro System that help to improve your business.


Full featured POS system 

Easy to manage

Simple payment


We offer a wide variety of POS solutions that simplify running your business. Contact us:

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